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You Said We Did

At Norfolk and Waveney CCG, we want to ensure that our patients are involved in all aspects of the way we develop services and our decision-making processes. 

Here are some of the ways your feedback has changed what we do:

  • Merger of the Five Norfolk and Waveney CCGs

    Between August and September 2019 the CCGs of Norfolk and Waveney engaged extensively with local people, patients and stakeholders around the proposed merger to a new single CCG. The proposal document ‘Moving Forward Together’, described how the CCGs would form one strong health commissioning organisation across Norfolk and Waveney with a single Governing Body to address pressing issues and offer greater clarity to patients and professionals.

    The CCGs were interested to know:

    1. What local people thought overall on the proposal to merge the five CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney?
    2. How the CCGs can make sure they best include the views of local people towards the local NHS and ensure commissioning has a local focus?
    3. How can the CCGs make sure local doctors and clinical staff remain involved in the work of a single CCG?

    Some 245 people from across Norfolk and Waveney took part in an online survey.  The merger was also discussed at patient panels and forums across the area.  Partner organisations, and key stakeholders such as MPs, were also contacted and invited to feedback.

    Several key themes emerged from the feedback. You told us….

    • The merger was largely seen as a positive move to improve streamlining, efficiency and consistency
    • Concerns were raised about keeping a strong locality focus
    • There was support for centralisation for specialist services
    • Robust engagement with staff and local people was considered to be vital in the new organisation

    The Governing Bodies of the five CCGs discussed the feedback in public and each agreed to submit an application to NHS England and Improvement to merge by April 2020. The concerns and issues raised by the engagement were given consideration, and a report was produced in response. To read it click here.

  • Mental Health Coproduction Advisory and Assurance Group

    Following the publication of Norfolk and Waveney’s Adult Mental Health Strategy in March 2019, which was developed following the involvement of over 2500 people locally, further engagement and involvement of people and stakeholders with a lived experience of mental health conditions was guided by the Mental Health Coproduction Advisory and Assurance Group.

    The Group is formed of people who have an experience of mental health conditions and using local mental health services, carers, voluntary sector representatives, mental health clinicians and practitioners, social care leads and commissioners. It advises on how to most effectively engage with the people who need to be involved in the development of mental health projects running in Norfolk and Waveney.

    In 2019-20, the group advised on the following projects:

    • Supporting the management of mental health issues in Primary Care:

    The group told us we needed to coproduce our qualitative outcomes of a new model for supporting people with mental health needs more effectively in Primary Care.

    We held a stakeholder event and dedicated workshops with the Coproduction Advisory and Assurance Group to prioritise and define qualitative outcomes that underpin the new model. This included important outcomes focused on the needs of carers of people with mental health conditions.

    • Improving services and support for people experiencing Crisis:

    People with experience of mental health crisis and carers are part of the Crisis workstream, focused on a range of projects aimed at improving support and care for people in crisis with a mental health need.

    The group told us we needed to focus on the wider determinants of mental health crisis, and prioritised housing as a key point of development. The mental health workstream has set up a Mental Health and Housing Summit for Norfolk and Waveney on 1 April 2020.

    • Developing a consistent approach to Coproduction:

    The Coproduction Advisory and Assurance Group told us that ‘coproduction’ and involvement was being used inconsistently across all our mental health projects, and advised that we work with colleagues at Norfolk County Council to access coproduction training.

    Norfolk County Council’s ‘Making It Real’ Group delivered coproduction training in November 2019 and a consistent approach to involving people and stakeholders is now being implemented across the mental health workstream in Norfolk and Waveney

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