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Learning Disability and/or Autism

NHS England (NHSE) and Norfolk and Waveney CCG

NHS England/Improvement (NHSEI) leads the National Health Service (NHS) in England and sets the priorities and direction of the NHS. Norfolk and Waveney CCG implement these plans.

The NHS Long Term Plan states:

‘Make sure that all NHS commissioned services are providing good quality health, care and treatment to people with a learning disability and autistic people and their families. NHS staff will be supported to make the changes needed (reasonable adjustments) to make sure people with a learning disability and autistic people get equal access to, the experience of and outcomes from care and treatment.’

The Transforming Care programme

The Transforming Care programme is about improving health and care services so that more people with learning disabilities, autism or both can live in the community, with the right support and close to home.

Transforming care programme aim is that fewer people will need to go into hospital for their care. For people who do need to go into hospital though we want to make sure that they are as close to where they live as possible. 

Who is leading this work in my area?

Part of Building the Right Support included the development of 48 transforming care partnerships (TCPs) across England.  TCPs are made up of clinical commissioning groups, NHS England’s specialised commissioners and local authorities.

The TCPs work with people with a learning disability, autism or both and their families and carers to agree and deliver local plans for the programme.

You can find out more about how care is improving for people with a learning disability, autism or both in the following pages:

Annual Health Checks

Easy ready guides to having an annual health check can be found here:

About having a health check

Gold Standard Health Check

Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDer) Programme.

The Learning Disability Mortality Review Programme (also known as LeDeR) was established to drive improvement in the quality of health and social care service delivery for people with learning disabilities (LD) by looking at why people with learning disabilities typically die much earlier than average

Anyone involved in the care of the patient can complete a notification using the online form.

Easy read information regarding LeDeR can be found here.

Annual LeDeR report 2020 NWCCG

Annual LeDeR report Easy Read 2020 NWCCG

Annual LeDeR report Easy Read 2021  National

Annual LeDeR report 2021 NWCCG

Annual LeDeR report Easy Read 2021 NWCCG

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