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Self-care is recommended to treat conditions which doesn’t normally need medical care (from a doctor or nurse) or any prescribed treatment in order to get better. It is about keeping fit and healthy, understanding when you can look after yourself, when a pharmacist can help, and when to get advice from your GP practice or another health professional. 

For minor ailments and illnesses you could safely treat your symptoms at home, reducing the number of unnecessary consultations, enabling health and care professionals to focus on caring for higher risk patients. 

Examples of common minor illnesses and ailments include: hayfever, colds, cuts and bruises and insect bites these can be dealt with by over the counter medicines or support from a pharmacist. 


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Self-care is about keeping fit and healthy, understanding when you can look after yourself, when a pharmacist can help, and when to get advice from your practice or another health professional.

People in Norfolk and Waveney are encouraged to manage their conditions at home enabling health and care professionals to focus on caring for higher risk patients.

A range of materials are available to download – if you are part of or support a local community or voluntary group, please print and display to help extend the reach of this important campaign:



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