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If you are expecting a baby, then our maternity services will be pleased to welcome you. The care is free, and can be booked by contacting the local maternity unit and requesting to be booked for maternity and pregnancy care. Your host family and GP will be able to support this, and contact details are in the padlet link:

You will be allocated a Midwife who will be your main point of contact.  She will spend time with you getting to know your health needs and planning the care for you and you new baby.  She will then make any necessary referrals for blood tests, scans and plan your delivery care according to your needs.  The birth will be supported by midwives and doctors as required and the place of birth will be discussed and planned with you.  

If you prefer to have a chaperone with you at your appointments please let your midwife know.

If you need any additional support and health information, you can email our maternity health advisors who will make contact and arrange a support visit and help to signpost you to all the care you require.  They can be contacted by email and respond usually with 24 hours. 

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