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COVID-19 vaccination programme in Norfolk and Waveney continues at pace and at scale

The COVID-19 vaccination programme in Norfolk and Waveney continues at pace and at scale as it was revealed that 22% of people aged over 16 have now received the first dose of vaccine, ranking third out of 42 health systems in England.

Data published today by NHS England and NHS Improvement also shows that

Norfolk and Waveney has vaccinated 91% of over 80s, ranking 18th out of health systems in England. However, NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) understands this figure is higher due to a lag in the reporting of data. In the last week alone, a further 50,200 doses of vaccine have been given to people locally.

Norfolk and Waveney is the top-performing health system in the East of England region in terms of percentage of over 80s vaccinated and percentage of total population vaccinated to date. This is despite having the second-highest proportion of over 80s in the country (8.4% compared to the national average of 6.2%).

Melanie Craig, Chief Executive of NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “We have made considerable progress in just a few weeks of this vaccination programme being launched. Our health and care staff and volunteers have worked incredibly hard to get the vaccines to those who need them most and we are incredibly grateful to them.

“We have now offered a vaccine to all of our eligible over 80s population, registered with a GP practice, in line with the target set out by Government (31 January 2021) and have given the first dose to more than 90% of our over 80s population.”  

“We would like to reassure patients in this group that if they have missed a letter or a phone call please do not worry, we will contact them again. It is also important that patients make sure they are registered with a GP practice as these patient records are used to invite people to come forward for the vaccine.”

Mrs Craig added: “We still have a long way to go in our fight against this disease and we would urge people not to drop their guard once they have had the vaccine. We still don’t yet know whether having had the COVID-19 vaccine prevents you passing the virus on to others so once you’ve had the vaccine it’s still really important that you continue to follow the guidelines, wash your hands, cover your face and keep your distance from people.”

The news comes as the CCG publishes an open letter to local people about the vaccine programme. The letter, which is aimed at patients over the age of 50, provides key information, advice and reassurance to patients, relatives and carers.

The letter covers:

  • How and when you will get an appointment for your vaccination
  • Where you will get your vaccination
  • Information about attending appointments
  • Information about emails and texts that claim to be from the NHS but are not
  • Information about the first and second vaccine doses

The letter can be found on CCG’s website here:



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