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Issued on behalf of the Norfolk Resilience Forum

Charities and organisations who have staff on the front-line help keep Norfolk communities safe can now access a new supply system should their PPE supplies run critically short.

Over the last few weeks, Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF) has been working hard to try and support the provision of PPE for those that need it to deliver key services. 

Following a successful public campaign, which has already resulted in more than 180 companies coming forward to support the production of most types of PPE, a new process has been put in place to help front-line services source the equipment they need.

Currently, there are times when demand is currently outstripping supply and the system will ensure that supplies of items which are in short supply are directed to those organisations with the most critical need. This will be in line with the current Government guidance. It will also help charities and other local organisations who deliver vital services to communities and meet specific criteria gain access to this equipment.

Trevor Holden, Chair of the NRF’s Tactical Coordination Group, said: “This is a countywide operation involving all partners in the Local Resilience Forum."

“Partners in the Local Resilience Forum are all working together as the NRF to ensure every single citizen in Norfolk remains safe and critical needs are met."

“This is a tremendous amount of work and I pay tribute the officers and volunteers who are going above and beyond to ensure we deliver every day.”

If you have front-line staff and you require PPE, you should:

  1. In the first instance, you should seek to resolve your demand through your existing supply chain.
  2. Where you are unable to meet your demand through existing supply chains, visit and request login details for access to the database of local suppliers.
  3. In the event that you are still unable to meet your requirements and you are directly involved in the support of critical services, please contact your local council.  

Your local council will be able to pass your request on to the Norfolk Resilience Forum for consideration for emergency provision, where this is available.


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