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Letter sent to patients regarding Booster vaccinations


We recently sent a letter to all patients registered with a GP practice in Norfolk and Waveney who – according to our records – were overdue their covid-19 booster vaccination.  A copy of the letter we sent, dated 14 January 2022, can be viewed here.

The letter was sent for two main reasons:

  • Infection rates are still high and health services are under extreme pressure due to the number of patients needing care and staff absence related to covid-19. The more people who are fully vaccinated and have had a booster then the less covid infection can circulate and make people ill.
  • We wanted to make the best use of our vaccine supply and avoid wasted vaccines by raising awareness of all the walk in clinics offering boosters across Norfolk and Waveney.

Whilst many people found the information useful and have gone on to have their booster at a local walk in clinic, we have also had a significant number of patients contact us since receiving the letter. 


Due to the number of patient contacts received we are unable to respond to each one individually. Therefore, we are providing the following information which covers the vast majority of queries that have been raised:

1. If you have had all of the covid vaccinations you are eligible for, and we have written to you in error, we are sorry.  A small number of errors in our mailing list have occurred. We apologise and ask you to disregard the letter as there is no further action required. It may be that your vaccination wasn’t recorded correctly on the national system by the site you attended for your booster. You can check whether your vaccinations have been recorded correctly on the NHS App or by accessing your Covid Pass online. 

If your vaccination status has not been recorded correctly, please call 119 and choose option 4 to access the Vaccination Data Resolution Service (VDRS) or contact the site where you had your vaccination to request that they correct your record – please note only some sites are able to do this.

2. If the letter sent to you was addressed to someone who no longer lives at your address we are sorry.  We try to keep our records as up to date as possible but a small number of errors will inevitably occur as there are more than one million people registered with the NHS in Norfolk and Waveney.  GP practices maintain all patient records – please make sure your GP practice has up to date contact details for you and your family and notify them of any changes.

If you do not wish to receive any further letters from the local NHS about the covid vaccination programme, please email ALL of the following details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will remove you from our mailing list for letters relating to Covid vaccinations. Mark your email with REMOVE FROM C19 LIST in the subject and provide your name, address, postcode and NHS number.

Please note, this will not affect letters sent to you directly about your healthcare, treatment or appointments – you will still receive these.  You may also continue to receive letters from NHS England regarding the national vaccination programme – we are unable to remove you from the nationally generated mailing list.

Thank you for reading this information and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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